Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PNU-Mountaineering Club History

PNU already reached its 101st year-2002, while a desirable, determined and purposeful journeyman began to establish a mountaineering club that commits itself to the real essence of mountaineering camaraderie.

The pioneers were fourteen selected students from different courses, attached like people from all walks of life bound for one reason… to be organized. We were like strands of fiber intertwined to be a rope.

To continue this splendid journey, the pioneers adopted the university name to complete its identity and imbibed PNU as the Center for Teaching and Learning that produces quality teachers.

Given the opportunity to be known as PNU-MC, a club that aims and promotes environmental awareness, develop good discipline habits among its members, protect lives and appreciate the beauty and elegance that God gave to mankind, and an organization that prioritizes family, school and club.

Under the strong leadership of Honeylyn S. Reyes, the first elected president, the PNU community warmly accepted and recognized PNU-MC as we achieve a realistic and relevant education through mountaineering.

A year after the leadership of Honeyline Reyes (2002), Christine Gatlabayan (2003) becomes the president followed by Jonathan Memoracion (2004), Franchesca Ericka Lladones(2005), Efhraim Garcia (2006), Christian Feraer (2007), Florabel Beredo (2008) and Eloisa Veloria (2009-till present). Training Diectors as follows: Erwin Blancaflor (2002), Karlo Desemero (2003), Lemuel Pascual (2004), Jonathan Memoracion (2005-2006), Florabel Beredo (2007), Norberto Puda (2008) and Raymund Saturnino (2009).

This is an endless journey of courage, love, commitment, unity and service. But all of this will not be a great worth without, the founder, Sir Erwin “Bong” M. Blancaflor.

PNU-MC is still developing and expanding inspired by its motto--- “It is not something we do, it is something we are.”

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