Saturday, February 26, 2011


More than 2,000 species of fish are found in the Philippine waters. Both the biggest and the smallest fish in the world are found in the waters of the Philippines. The whale shark (Rhineodon typus), the largest fish, weighs several tons and measures 15.24 meters or more in length when fully grown. The dwarf pygmy (Pandaka pygmaea) the smallest fish in the world is less than 10 millimeters in length. The endangered Sinarapan (listichthys luzonensis), the smallest commercial fish in the world, can also be found in Lake Buhi, in the Bicol region. Aside from fish, other marine products such as shells, crabs, shrimps, corals, pearls are so abundant in the Philippine waters. Seafood lovers will surely find their delights, fresh and reasonably priced, wherever they are in the country.

It is said that close to twenty percent of the worlds more than 60,000 species of shells can be found in the archipelago. Not surprisingly, the rarest shell (Connus gloriamaris), the smallest (Pisidum) and the largest (Tridacna gigas) shell, are all found in the Philippine waters. Philippine pearls are also considered among the finest in the worlds. The largest pearl in the world, known as the "Pearl of Allah," measuring more than 22.86 centimeters long and 12.7 centimeters in diameter and weighing 6.3 kilograms was found by a Filipino diver in the Palawan Sea. Its value was approximated at US$40-42 million as of May 1984.

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