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The World’s Noted Mountain Climbers

Allison, Stacy, first American woman to summit Everest, led team up K2.

Alzner, Jeff, K2 in 2000

Anker, Conrad, world climber and person who found George Mallory’s body on Everest.

Bass, Dick, first climber to reach the summit of the highest points on the seven continents.

Bates, Robert, pioneer K2 climber, early advisor in formation of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division and long-time supporter of AAC.

Blum, Arlene, leader of the all-female climb of Annapurna, author.

Boyle, John, major contributor of climbing books to the AAC Library

Briggs, Bill, noted climber, leader in establishing the Grand Teton Climbers Ranch, former Exum Guide, first to ski from the summit of the Grand Teton.

Climbers Ranch work week and rebuilding.
Climbers Ranch Benefit Concert, Mangy Moose Bar, August 29, 1993

Climbers Ranch Benefit Concert, Sno-king Resort, Aug. 29, 1993.
Climbers Ranch Benefit Concert, Aug. 15, Dornan’s Bar, Grand Teton National Park

Climbers Ranch Work Week – June, 1995

Climbers Ranch Work Week, June, 1996

Durrance, Dr. John, early K2 climber and first ascent of the Durrance Route on Devil’s Towers

Everest Event – ABC.

Everest 1995 American Team with George Mallory II

Exum, Glenn, founder of Exum Guides, oldest mountain guiding service in the U.S.

Exum, Glenn, “One Last Song on His Mountain,” PBS documentary of his 50th anniversary climb establishing the Direct Exum Route on the Grand Teton.

Feagin, Nancy, Exum Guide, Yosemite fast climber and Everest summiter.

Frost, Tom, Yosemite legend and one of three persons to do the first climb of the Salathe Route on El Cap in Yosemite.

Glavine, Hans, Yosemite speed climber.

Grissom, Kitty Calhoun, noted climber and former AAC board member.

Grunsfeld, Dr. John M., climber and NASA astronaut who repairs the Hubble Telescope.

Henderson, Ken, pioneer 20th century climber who set the bar.

Hillary, Sir Edmund, first climber to summit Everest.

Hill, Lynn, the human spider on the rocks.

Horner, Skip, member of the famous 1996 Everest climb.

Houston, Dr. Charles, world famous authority on mountain medicine, early climber on K2, author and lecturer.

“Into Thin Air” Docudrama.” -- ABC

Jackson Hole Climb Wall Competition.

Kaufman, Dr. Andrew, early climber on K2 and author.

Kennedy, Michael, Climbing Magazine founder and notable climber.

Lev, Peter, co-owner of Exum Guides, avalanche expert.

Mace, Charlie, Everest climber, former AAC board member, AAC staff member.

Moro, Simone, Sowles Award recipient for saving a climber on Lhotse.

Porzak, Glenn, former AAC president.

Pratt, Chuck, another Yosemite legend and first to climb the Salathe Wall on El Cap in Yosemite with Yvon Chouinard and Tom Frost.

Putman Bill
, world climber and part of the 10th Mountain Division.

Read, Al, president of Exum Guides.

Rieke, Peter, paralyzed in a climbing fall and trying to climb Mt. Rainer with a mechanical “snow pod.”

, Rick, world climber and author.

, Royal, world climber, early Yosemite legend and international sportsman.

Roberts, David, author and climber.

Robinson, Roger, Denali National Park climbing ranger.

Rowell, Galen, world climber, photographer and author of several coffee table books published by the Sierra Club.

Schoening, Pete, saved lives of six members of his climbing team on K2.

“Stay Alive Guide to Mountain Survival.”

Steck, Allen, noted Yosemite climber, coauthor of “Fifty Classic Climbs of North

America,” and AAC Literary Award recipient with Steve Roper.

Utah Climbing Competition – CBS Sports

Tackle, Jack, Exum Guide and world-class climber.

, Brad and Barbara, world climbers and mappers. Barbara was the first woman to summit Denali.

, Eric, a blind climber who summited Everest with Charlie Mace, former AAC board member and current AAC staff member.

, Robert, chairman of the board of the Mountain Institute, Washington, DC

, Jim, first American to summit Everest and leader of 1990 Peace Climb of Everest.

Wickwire, Jim, climber of major peaks.

Wilson, Ted, Grand Teton climbing ranger, leader in establishing the Grand Teton Climbers Ranch, former mayor of Salt Lake City, and faculty member at the University of Utah.

American Alpine Club Library
Golden, CO

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